PaleoQue Affiliate Program - Pays 75%

This product is brand new as of 12-20-17, but initial tests to fairly cold traffic pulled 1.6% conversions. Remember - Clickbank stats like gravity, etc are a 12 week average, so those stats will not show for new products.

What PaleoQue is about...

If you did not know it already, the diet and weight loss niche is HUGE! And... the paleo sub-niche of the diet niche is one of the biggest sub-niches if not THE biggest sub-niche in the diet niche.

PaleoQue is not intended to be a megasite in this niche like Paleohacks. Rather it is intended to be...

  • A stand alone affiliate "product". Just an eBook. Nothing else.
  • There will be no blog or forum or list building or subscriptions, etc.
  • With 75% commissions, affiliates can make good money just promoting PaleoQue.
  • PaleoQue can also be great additional income stream for affiliates or vendors that are already in this niche.
  • Need a good back end product? How about a related product to add to your pitch plus funnel?
  • Multiple income streams is a good thing!
  • Got a list or other audience like a Facebook group and you are looking for additional ways to monetize it? Use PaleoQue.
  • We are looking for paleo products to add to our pitch plus page too, so if you have a paleo related product, shoot us an email.

What does that mean for you?...

  1. If you are looking for ways to monetize your group with a non-competing offer, PaleoQue may be what you are looking for.
  2. PaleoQue will be getting lots of affiliate traffic, so if you want to be included in our pitch plus flow, get in touch with us now!
  3. Mega Affiliate Advertising Opportunities - We do not intend to compete against our affiliates for sales. We may do some small advertising just to optimize the sales page, but the majority of sales will be left to our affiliates.
  4. And there is a TON of advertising opportunities ranging from the standard PPC to advertising on huge niche websites to ads in specialty opt-in health newsletters. There is even a printed paleo magazine or two not to mention all the diet sites and magazines to choose from. It's a veritable paleo goldmine!


If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, it's real simple... basically, a company called Clickbank administers our PaleoQue affiliate program. i.e. they take care of all payment processing, commission payments, etc. The products are eBooks that are instantly downloaded after payment is made. It's FREE to become a Clickbank affiliate and they have over 10,000 downloadable products to choose from or sell. To browse Clickbank's many products and join up, click HERE. To go directly to the Clickbank affiliate signup page, click HERE.

If you are already a Clickbank affiliate or you just joined, here are some tools to help you start selling "PaleoQue" and earn a 75% commission for each sale...

First of all, the link that you will put on your web site will have the following format... (of course, you would replace "AFFILIATE" with your Clickbank nickname - don't change anything else like the "."s or slashes)

Or you could use the linkbuilding tool in the Clickbank marketplace.

You can link the Clickbank "hoplink" to text on your web site, a banner ad or other graphic, or you can use the hoplink in a classified ad or maybe even something like a Google Adwords ad or Bing or Facebook ad (for a great tip, see the bottom of this page).

Email & Text Ads:

I don't provide email swipes or text ad copy simply because I don't want everybody using the same text. And you know your list better than anybody else, so you are the best person to write the email text.

No Spamming Allowed! If they have not opted into the list you are using, then it is spamming. And, you are NOT allowed to use any PaleoQue email as a spoofed from or return address.

Warning: Be very very careful if you are using solo ads. A lot of solo ad dealers are unscrupulous and will get clicks to your link any way they can including but not limited to bots, click farms, pop ups, pop unders, intersitals, expired domain, and other form of VERY LOW QUALITY traffic. Do not waste your money on these useless clicks. If caught spamming or sending very low quality traffic, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

About opt-ins and autoresponders: We are NOT collecting email addresses and sending out autoresponder series. We do not want to build our in-house list on the backs of our affiliates. If you want to add an email series to your sales funnel, then build your own squeeze page, send traffic to your squeeze page, collect the emails, and send out your own autoresponder series. After they opt in to your list, you can send them to the sales page via your affiliate link.

Banner Ads & Other Images - just right click on them and then choose "save as" to save them to your computer and them upload them to your site or ad platform...




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